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Best Centrifugal Juicer: Top 5 Juicers For Superior Juice Recipe

Best Centrifugal Juicer: Top 5 Juicers For Superior Juice Recipe

The best centrifugal juicer is basically for juicing starters, centrifugal juicers are quick and very efficient and some people tend to confuse them with a blender, but they are exclusively different in their operation.

The best centrifugal juicers have durable cutting blades that can rotate at a very high speed, about 3,000RPMs – 16,000RPMs. This super high-speed rotation happens inside the juicing chamber from where the juice is extracted.

Most affordable centrifugal juicers on the market come with a filter, the juice passes through this filter that has tiny holes before it is collected in a container. Centrifugal juicers can quickly produce your favorite juice recipe; I even saw an advert where a company teased the ability to juice in approximately 4-seconds. That’s pretty fast!

The strongest selling point of centrifugal juicers is their price. They are very affordable and will never cost an arm and leg, but they do have their flaws. There are certainly not the best juicing machines for wheatgrass or vegetables, and the taste of juice may not be nice to a lot of people.

Nevertheless, centrifugal juicers have enough strength to complement their weaknesses. If you wanted to take juicing on a very serious level, you should consider the best masticating juicers on the market that provide a total value for money.

One of the few design elements that should catch your attention when searching for the best centrifugal juicer should be the feed chute size. I will recommend you get a centrifugal juicer with a diameter of at least 3-inches. This will allow you juice most fruit in whole, rather than spending time chopping first before juicing.

Another area to look at for when deciding the best centrifugal juicer to buy is noise. Centrifugal juicers naturally produce noise, but there are a lot of models which are able to suppress the noise a little bit and I have discovered some really cool centrifugal juicing machines that have a good noise reduction technology. You will find them on this page.

The one thing you should never do is ignore the kind of warranty that is available for any centrifugal juicer you intend to buy. This is because you may need it when something goes wrong, chances are that nothing will happen in the long run, but with cutting blades rotating at super high speed, one can never tell when the device will park up, especially if you are the type of person that plans to juice every day.

Lastly, you will need the best centrifugal juicer that is easy to maintain and clean after every use. Avoiding juicers with a complicated set-up will save you stress, time and resources. Centrifugal juicers have sharp cutting blades so you will need to get a cleaning brush in other not to get injured if you decide to clean it with your fingers.

The Breville brand looks like it has monopoly of the best centrifugal juicers on the market, but the rapid acceptance of other companies manufacturing centrifugal juicers with great quality seems to be giving the guys at Breville a run for their money. Notwithstanding, Breville is still a global player when it comes to designing the best centrifugal juicing machines you can ever imagine.

With all of these said, let me introduce you to the list of best and affordable centrifugal juicers money can buy.

5 Best Centrifugal Juicer

Best Centrifugal Juicer: Juice Like Never Before

The list of the best centrifugal juicers are in no order of preference but each of them will be a solution to any of your juicing needs.

1. Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain

Breville has the best centrifugal juicer just like Omega has the best matriculating juicers on the market. The Breville JE98XL juice fountain is a classic example of design and power; it is among the best sellers in its own right and has impressed a lot of users with thousands of positive review springing up all over the internet.

Breville je98xl Juicer review

This juicer is affordable; it is equipped with 850 watts of power paired with two-speed options. You can run the machine with 6,500rpm or go faster with 12,000rpm. You can pretty much extract a cup of juice in 5-seconds, thanks to its 3-inch feeder chute that can let you process some whole fruits without cutting them.

The Breville JE98XL juice fountain also has smart features like safety locking arm, overload protection, and a froth separator. It is easy to maintain and comes with a one year warranty.

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2. Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain

This is a very powerful centrifugal juicer with 900-watts and a 5-speed control level that will give you great control over how you carry out your juicing process. This means that at the right speed, based on your own needs, it’s possible to get a higher juice yield.

Breville BJE510XL Juice

The BJE510XL is cheap despite being a powerhouse. It is very easy to clean and maintain, and it also comes with some nice features that will make juicing really fun.

The size of the feeder chute is 3-inch in diameter paired with a decent 1.2-liter juice jug (combined with a froth separator) and a large capacity pulp container. Smart features like safety locking arms that prevent the juicer from working when the cover is unlocked and overload protection system that shuts down the juicers when it overloaded or overheating really gives the Breville BJE510XL a bragging right when it comes to choosing the best centrifugal juicer on the market.

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3. Omega BMJ330 Plus Pulp Ejector

Omega’s attempt into the centrifugal juicing market was a massive success. The Omega BMJ330 juicer is proof that they are not only the best in producing the best masticating juicers, but they could give Breville a run for their money.

Omega BMJ330 Juicer

The BMJ330 comes with a 350-watt motor and it is equally capable of 12,000RMPs that makes juicing really fast. There is an automatic pulp-ejection system that makes cleaning easier and of course, easy to maintain.

One of the biggest selling points of this juicing machine doesn’t really come from its technical aspect, but from the warranty it offers. If you decide to buy the BMJ330, you are going to get a whopping 15-years warranty.

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4. Cuisinart CJE-1000

This is one of the cheapest centrifugal juicers you can get on the market right now. It is cheaper than all the other juicers I have listed here, but being cheap doesn’t mean it is an average juicer. It is a beast in its own right that nicely falls in the category of best centrifugal juicers available commercially.

Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juicer

The Cuisinart CJE-1000 is a 1000-watt juicing machine with 5-speed control levels that allows juicing to be carried out with different speed limit. It is equipped with a filter basket, a 3-inch feeding chute that can juice whole apples and some other large-size fruits.

Although centrifugal juicers produce foam because of the way they operate, Cuisinart CJE-1000 manages to reduce the quantity of form produce on each juice you extract with the device.

So, if you were looking for a cheaper alternative to the Breville juicing machine, especially the Breville Elite 800JEXL that also comes with 1000-watt, the Cuisinart CJE-1000 is your answer.

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5. Recommended: The Breville Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL

This is a quality superpower centrifugal juicer. It is arguably the best centrifugal juicer you can lay your hands on.

The Breville Elite 800JEXL is quick, versatile, efficient and durable. You can never go wrong with this kind of juicer as a choice for your juicing needs.

Best Centrifugal Juicer: Top 5 Juicers For Superior Juice Recipe 1

With a heavy-duty 1000-watt motor, you can expect this juicing machine to work like a jet engine. You have two-speed controls; one of the speed controls can take you as high as 13000RPMs which is really terrific in this day and age.

This juicing machine is equipped with a 3-inch feed chute, direct central feed system and a Nutri Disc that makes the blade stay sharper for a longer period of time. The 800JEXL also comes with 1-liter juice jug with froth separator and a large capacity pulp container.

Without much ado, smart features of the Breville Elite 800JEXL includes a safety locking arm that will prevent you from juicing unless the juicer is covered. The overload protection also prevents overheating and overloading the centrifugal juicer.

Included in this juicing machine is a handy cleaning brush that makes it easy for cleaning. This is an all-round-performer, it is value for money and it’s our recommended best centrifugal juicer.

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Companies will spend a lot of money marketing their products and at one point; you get confused on what to buy. Some people rely on their purchasing instinct which may not be sufficient enough to make a firm decision on what product to buy.

One thing I know is that assumptions always fail when reality emerges. It is better to make a decision based on facts because you simply cannot fail with facts. There are so many centrifugal juicers out there in the market, but after a lot of careful market research and data readily available in public domain, I can say that what you have here are simply the best centrifugal juicers on the market.

If you take juicing seriously, then any decision you make based on what you have read here will prove itself over time as you begin to use them.

That’s it. These are the best affordable centrifugal juicers money can buy, but I will say one last thing. If you have enough money to spend, you should not waste any more time, the Breville Elite 800JEXL is my final recommendation, it is the best centrifugal juicer that will nicely compliment all your juicing needs.


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