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Avoid These Mistakes when Making Green Smoothies

Avoid These Mistakes when Making Green Smoothies

You could be trapped in making simple and silly mistakes while starting on a green diet. To err is human, but to learn and move on is equally wise as a smooth transition. Run through this list and ask (and admit) yourself if you have made these mistakes while making green smoothies. Maybe it will open your eyes to a whole new method to enjoy the mid-morning break or the next time you indulge in this healthy moment.

Are you drinking green smoothies for weight loss?

If bagel and burgers are off your mind and the blender has replaced the microwave oven in the kitchen expecting that green smoothies will make those pounds fall off like dominos…then you are in serious trouble. The weighing scales will not make the difference because you are doing it all wrong.

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1. The green smoothies you have been drinking have only little fiber. This is a common mistake. Fiber is essential and helps you knock off the extra pounds. If you add kale (more fiber than spinach too), berries and certain fruits like avocadoes or kiwi, or even chia seeds then you will increase your fiber intake.

2. Do you add too much of fruits to make the drink more delicious? This is another grave error. The fiber is there but so are the calories too. Are you blending high fiber and calorie fruits? Cut it down. Fruits contain a lot of sugar which will not add to your aim.

4. Some people tend to add sweeteners to their green smoothies. How can you ever get to the ideal weight if you do this? Stop it. No more honey or even maple syrup should be added. Instead, find some veggie combination that your tongue will accept at the beginning and experiment with the ingredients one by one after you get used to the taste.

Other mistakes that beginners make when preparing green smoothies

Green smoothies need some investment. If you need to go on a diet it all begins at home. So invest in a good juicer or a blender. It should be good as it will be used every single day. An ideal juicing machine will bring in the right texture to the smoothie. The masticating juicers are better in comparison to the centrifugal machines. The later will also use the pulp in the smoothie. So the fiber and the liquid combination blends well eventually.

All of us like a good bargain…some like it even when they are making juices! So when they go shopping for groceries they will try to choose the bargain produce. The attitude is that quite a lot of pulp will be thrown away. So why waste money? When you shell out money for better and fresh produce of veggies and fruits, the results will obviously be better. Any of the green smoothies made from quality products from the farmer’s market will be more beneficial. Nutrients need to be good. When the plants are given rich soil and water the produce is better. Hence the end product will also be more delicious. Sometimes you need to think of the right flavor to enjoy.

When we speak of flavor for the green smoothies it is vital to blend only those veggies or fruits that complement each other. In an attempt to make a blend, some people keep adding stuff and find that there is no single flavor or taste that will tickle the tongue. It confuses and the diet plan is not motivating enough. When we go out we are attracted to the eye-pleasing colors and textures. So when you are making your green smoothies at home do the same. Make it attractive enough to sip it throughout the day. Use your creative juices to make the best of this lovely diet. After all, you will benefit from it.

Let’s give you a quick sample smoothie recipe to make

Take one green apple. Chop it roughly. Add to this 1-2 kale leaves and some mint leaves. One bunch of parsley and chopped ginger can be added next to this. One lemon for the tangy taste can be used. Don’t use any other sweeteners. Mix it all and make a fine blend. The bitterness of kale goes well with the lemon taste. Even if you do not like kale use it sparingly. Use your common sense to make the perfect green smoothie blend.

Don’t make your smoothie into a dessert

At times the ice-cold varieties score. It all depends on the season. Use seasonal fruits and veggies. Do not expect to get unseasonal produce. You may get it in the frozen foods section but prefer the fresher ones. When you put in ice, do not overdo it. This is not a cocktail on the rocks. The green smoothies will become watery and tasteless. The creamy taste is best when it is blended and poured into the glass and consumed immediately. It is not a good idea to have a dessert after the drink. Your body needs some time to digest your green smoothie and absorb the nutrients. Eating a second meal right after your smoothie will disturb this process and can even lead to digestion issues.

Do you feel bloated?

A few complains of gas bloating have surfaced from green smoothie dieters. Why does this happen? Those who have medical conditions may face such problems. If you have been adding too much fruit it will result in gassing. The body gets a shock with this new regime. Tone down on the fruits in the recipe. Never overload the fruits or veggies. Keep your green smoothie simple with only a few complementary ingredients. Adding flax seeds to your green smoothies may also help.


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