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Juice Cleanse Benefits

Juice Cleanse Benefits

juice cleanse is a great way to start a diet or re-set your body on a path to a healthier way of living.

By committing do doing a juice cleanse for a few days, most people start at 3 days, you give your digestion system a break from solid foods and supercharge your body with vitamins and minerals.

I recently did a juice fast and lost 9 pounds of weight.

I felt better and more calm and relaxed, less stressed and overall more healthy.

My approach was slightly different as i kept in some solid foods during the fast, but what are the benefits of a juice cleanse when you just drink juice for 3 days or more?

Juice Cleanse Benefits

Going back a few decades our ancestors relied on a much more plant-based diet.

Food was scarce and nobody would eat ‘3 or 5 meals per day.’ Indeed early man would ‘feast or famine’ and therefore go for long periods without eating food or just grazing on plant-based produce.

Our bodies are designed to eat this way so no wonder obesity is such a big problem in Western societies.

The Western diet consists of high levels of sugar and processed foods. 

People overeat high energy food rich in sugars and carbohydrates that spike insulin that can result in fat deposition. Western society is also very sedentary-we just don’t move much.

Convenience food is everywhere and we don’t have to go far to get it. All this results in a ticking time bomb of obesity and health problems.

Most people don’t come near to eating their 5 a day minimum and this is somewhere juicing can really help due to the concentration of fruit and vegetables into a much smaller serving.

By going on a juice cleanse you give your body an opportunity to re-set itself and gather the benefit of a plant-based diet.

Most people feel great following a juice fast and can’t wait to do another. I know i do.

Juice Cleanse Benefits

  • Reduce your appetite and food cravings.  Juicing doesn’t shrink your stomach but allows your body to get used to becoming more full by eating less. After a few days, any cravings you had for sugar should subside, and most people feel they want to carry on eating healthily after their fast.
  • Rest the digestive system. By eliminating solid foods for a few days the stomach doesn’t have to work hard to extract the nutrients in the food. Juicing provides concentrated nutrition in a readily available form allowing our stomachs and digestive organs a chance to take a break and rejuvenate. For the many people who take stomach acid-suppressing medications, this can be a great benefit.
  • Lose weight.  Weight loss is one of the biggest benefits for most people embarking on a juice cleanse. By consuming fewer calories through juicing your body will start to tap into its fat reserves. Some of the weight loss will be fat, some will be water bloat but as i found during my juice fast real weightless is achievable in a short period of time.
  • Super nutrition. Due to the nature of juicing your body will be getting large amounts of many different vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients within each class of juice. Perhaps due to a poor diet, you may be lacking in some essential vitamins or minerals. By adding these naturally to your body through juicing you will feel energized and calmer.
  • Eliminate allergy foods. Many people are allergic to things like dairy, wheat, and gluten and don’t even know it. By eliminating these things from our diet for a few days people start to notice rashes clearing up and the skin becomes better. By re-introducing these foods gradually after a juice cleanse you will easily be able to see what foods were causing you a problem and better manage this going forward.


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