Home Resource Why Do People Stop Juicing After a Few Weeks?

Why Do People Stop Juicing After a Few Weeks?

Why Do People Stop Juicing After a Few Weeks?

Majority of people stop juicing only after a few weeks because they have bought a wrong juicer…

The frustration of an incorrectly selected juicer is much stronger than having short-term friends. It is especially annoying if you stop using your juicer only because you find it difficult to take the juicer out and clean again after use.

Things which appear simple and trivial when shopping will determine whether you will make juicing a part of your daily routine or not. And the power of juices can only be discovered if you drink them regularly and over a long period of time.

If this has caught your attention it is likely that you want to buy a juicer but does not know yet which is the best for you. You might have read one or more books on the health effect of fruit and vegetable juice or you might have been recommended one.

Now, you are probably very enthusiastic and want to include this practice in your life. This excitement is great and will help you a lot in the beginning. Freshly squeezed juices are a very good way how you can significantly improve your own quality of life and energy levels.

However, as with many other things in life, it will only work if you practice the juicing long enough and regularly.

Unfortunately, this is precisely the crucial point where most newcomers fail. You have got a juicer and then started with juicing. The first few weeks everything works wonderfully because there is always something new that you want to try.

However, the initial enthusiasm is suppressed after a while and people are often confronted with various difficulties. The juicer is not so easy to clean and some fruits do not taste as good. The juice is often frothy and turns brown very quickly. With fibrous vegetables, the device often fails and blocks which in turn means a lengthy disassembly and cleaning. Finally, a technical problem occurs and the seller is not as keen to help you as it was the case with the purchase.

When such issues accumulate it is not surprising that the juicer is hardly taken out of the cupboard and that your own thoughts of the “tedious process” prevent you from preparing a healthy juice.


When purchasing a juicer pay attention to the following four criteria to avoid costly mistakes

How to recognise a good juicer

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You feel great because you know you are doing something good for your body every day.

Our juicers squeeze the maximum amount of juice from fruit and vegetables and therefore your juice will contain the most valuable nutrients. The juice is squeezed out by gentle pressing thanks to a powerful motor with a reduction gear.

You have more time for your family, work and other things you enjoy.

All our devices are easy to handle which promotes the fun of juicing. They only contain a few parts and therefore they are no issues when disassembling and cleaning.

You can trust and rely on your new gadget. It will not let you down.

Your order will arrive at your home within 48 hours. JuicerGallery has all the spare parts in stock and therefore if there are any issues with your order a new appliance or replacement parts can be sent out quickly so you can continue with your juicing.

One juicer will act as 5 other essential kitchen devices.

Our juicers will act as a multifunctional kitchen robot and switch easily between the functions. Just attach one of the extension parts that come with your juicer and the new device is ready to operate.

Enjoy the luxury of having the best product available on the market.

Juicers made from the finest materials and quality workmanship guarantee a long-life service.


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