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7 Leafy Veggies to Make Tasty Green Juices

12 May 2024

Homemade green juices are an excellent way to keep the body healthy for adults and children. We offer a list of seven leafy veggies to make green juices more palatable.

Opt for organic veggies

For long, we have been served vegetables with a variety of pesticide in it. As we list some healthy greens please note that they are often treated with chemicals. Hence always strive for organic produce to get maximum benefits of your green juices.

Our list of favourite leafy greens:

  1. Cucumbers 
  2. Spinach 
  3. Kale 
  4. Lettuce 
  5. Collards 
  6. Mint 
  7. Celery

Note: If you are trying out green juices for the first time then it may not appeal to you initially. When you are making green juices in isolation or with combination with fruits you may add a little lemon juice to keep the biter taste away. It is particularly good for kids otherwise they may not endure this beverage for more than a day. For children you may opt for simple celery, fennel and cucumber juice with an addition of a dash of lime juice.

Ways to keep green juices interesting

Even adults need variation from time to time. Therefore, you can add other green veggies to the above list in your juicer. What can you include to make your juice more interesting? Try parsley, watercress, green lettuce leaves, cilantro or escarole. Some people are not able to tolerate cilantro in their green juices so stick with a small quantity at the beginning. There are no side effects but it is good to be careful. Any juicing plan that is forced will be abandoned and will not show any health benefits.

Another way to make the green juices more palatable for long term is the careful use of herbs. A few herbs can prove to be a challenge when it comes to taste but they are highly beneficial. They never backfire any dieting schedule. Greens like kale, collards mustard greens and even dandelion greens can pose a threat to the tongue’s taste buds. Adding lime juice makes it smoother. Of course, you can use them in lesser amounts till you can tolerate them. They have more health benefits in the long run.

How to make juicing even more delicious?

Every morning, you may not like to add lime or lemon juice to the glass of green juices you consume. You will need some more variety to keep the diet going and providing strength. Add cranberries and fresh ginger to your juice. When you add a little bit of cranberries to it, the antioxidants released are greater then when broccoli is added. Moreover, begin the day fitter as you experiment with the green juices.

When to consume the green juice?

Ideally, when you have made it, put it in the glass and have it right away. Don’t make for the entire day and refrigerate it. If you put it away then it needs to be stored at the right temperature. But having it fresh is more beneficial. Green juices are highly perishable in nature. It is best that each time you need, use the juicer and take your glassful. While mornings are the best time to consume, you can use several servings of your green juice throughout the day.

Health benefits associated with green juices

As long as one is getting the health benefits, the green juices are an excellent way to weight loss. When you have green juices at the right time then benefits are apparent in the energy you gain. The immune system gets better with it. How does it happen? As the combination of veggies with specific fruits are blended together into a cocktail, it offers phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins and essential minerals. One single serving offers so much. The pulp contains fiber. You can add some fiber to the juice to support your digestive system. Once glassful will energize the blood sugar levels.

Remember, when you add fruits to your green juices, you get extra calories. You need to spread the intake of this diet throughout the day to get the benefits. The body uses up the energy as you work, hence it is essential to keep the plan going through the day. Otherwise, you may experience high blood sugar levels. Veggies that boost immunity include kale, broccoli, and spinach. Bok Choy or chinese cabbage provides an outer layer of protection to the cells.

So try out some green juice today to boost your energy and overall health!

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