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What is a Juicer Machine?

What is a Juicer Machine?

So What is a Juicer Machine and how do Juicers Work?

Before you dive into the world of juicing you may have asked yourself what exactly is a juicer and how do juicers work?

Most of us try to be as healthy as possible by eating as much fruit and vegetables as we can manage.

This can be tricky however given today’s busy lifestyles and the cooking and preparation that comes with eating a lot of different vegetables.

Juicing is a fantastic way to add fruits and vegetables into your diet allowing you to concentrate the benefits of multiple fruits and vegetables into a convenient healthy drink.

Eating five or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day has been shown to decrease your risk of stroke by 26%.

Many people struggle to get this much fruit and veg into their daily diet however and this is where juicing comes into play.

Fruits and vegetables also contain a number of different bits and pieces but are mostly composed of the skin, pulp (fiber) and the actual juice.

They also contain a plethora of health benefits including many phytonutrients that come with a huge variety of health benefits that range from promoting digestive health to boosting our immune systems.

So How do Juicers Work?

‘Juicers work by efficiently removing the juice form the pulp and skin of the produce keeping all the healthy nutrients intact. All the health benefits of the different fruits and vegetables are removed by the action of the juice machine and transferred into the liquid produced.’ 

Juicing machines do this by chopping and crushing the fruit and vegetables using various methods that result in the juice that we get to drink.

There are many different types of juicers on the market today and some are better than others at this process.

Some will spin at a high speed, a bit like a washing machine on a spin cycle to remove the juice from the pulp via gravity.

Others will ‘press’ the pulp via a hydraulic press or a system of gears. This squeezes all the goodness from the skin and pulp and is the preferred method of juice extraction.

Take a look inside this centrifugal juicer in the video below.

It’s important that the juice doesn’t get too hot during the extraction process as this can damage the heat sensitive nutrients in the produce by oxidation.

When choosing a juicer we recommend that you go for a model that doesn’t produce too much heat so as to preserve the nutrients within the juice.

Centrifugal juicers, the ones that spin, are faster at getting the juice from the produce but these can create a lot of heat which is not ideal.

For a day to day juicer though these are fine as they are quick to use and easy to clean.

Breville Juicers are really good entry range juicers that although work mainly with a centrifugal mechanism but do not produce a lot of heat.  We recommend these throughout our site here at juicer gallery.

What is the Difference between a Juicer and a Blender?

The juicer vs blender debate has been going on for some time now but what exactly is the difference between a juicer and a blender and which one is better?

Here at juicer gallery, we use both depending on how much of a hurry we are in and what we want to make that day to drink.

The main difference between a juicer and a blender is that a juicer extracts the juice from the skin and pulp whereas a blender just blitzes everything into a ‘smoothie.’

These guys explain the difference really well.

What is Better-Blender vs Juicer?

The main difference is that juicing provides a very concentrated liquid containing a large amount of nutrients. The time to produce the juice is less and the ingredients get processed on a much smaller scale leaving a lot more nutrition in the juice vs the smoothie.

The volume of juice from a juicer will be less than from a blender as you’re not including the pulp and skin when you juice. If you’re on a low fiber diet or care about getting really high dose of a variety of nutrients then using a juicer is probably best for you.

If you want more fiber in your diet but slightly less overall nutrients per volume of juice then a blender is ok.

We are fans of juicing over blending, we are juicer gallery after all! We like the concentrated nutritional benefits juicing brings and the amount of different fruits and vegetables you can get into one cup of juice.

This means you can really tailor your juice to something you like and experiment with lots of different juicing blends.

Things like kale and spinach that are really good for you and don’t taste strong at all when juicing so you can add a lot of really healthy greens to your diet this way.

Juicing things like celery and cucumber that contain a high amount of water are good to use for juice bases as these help to fill out the juice, don’t taste strong and are nutritionally great. For more on juicing recipes see here.

Either process, juicer or blender, can be an excellent and convenient way to load up on extra fruits and vegetables in your diet and both come highly recommended by us.

Time to choose your juicer and get juicing! 🙂


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