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How I Lost 9 Pounds Juicing

How I Lost 9 Pounds Juicing

I recently lost 9 pounds on a juicing fast, not bad.

Losing weight doing a juice fast or juice cleanse is certainly possible and has worked for many 1000’s of people.

I embarked on my own juicing weight loss program recently combining mainly juices for 7 days alongside minimal whole food meals.

At first, i was a little hungry but this soon went away as my body adjusted and i felt calm and focussed. It was difficult at first but by having the discipline to see it through i was really pleased with the end results.

3-day juice cleanses are very popular right now and i will try one of these in the near future. As I’m quite active however i prefer to keep some whole food in my diet but follow an intermittent fasting schedule alongside the juicing regime.

I’m a big fan of intermittent fasting and tend to do this throughout the year.

It basically involves leaving long gaps between meals so for example, you might eat at 11 am and then again at 6 pm. As I’ve got used to this i find that i no longer crave breakfast and don’t feel any hunger until about 10.30 ish most days.

This frees up the morning so i can get on with daily tasks without thinking about food.

My one-week juicing diet followed a similar pattern but i would substitute one meal for just juice so in affect I was eating one whole large meal a day.

As i like to work out and am quite active i felt that this ensured i got adequate protein in for a person of my size so that i wouldn’t lose any muscle mass.

I did my juice fast using my favourite juicer the Omega 8005 masticating juicer.

This is one of my favourite juicing machines and does a really good job of separating all the juice from the pulp. It also produces no heat during operation so the nutrient profile of the juice remains intact.

The plan went something like this.

  • 11am. Large juice with a selection of greens such as kale, broccoli, spinach and minimal high sugar fruits. One scoop of protein powder mixed into the juice after making it.
  • 3pm. A second juice of similar ingredients. If I’d been to the gym that day i would add another scoop of whey protein here. Whey protein is a great health supplement for active people. It helps support muscle growth by providing an easily digestible protein source for our bodies. It also supports immune function and can help you to recover from exercise more quickly.
  • 6pm.  At around 6pm I’d have my healthy solid food meal. This would be a chicken breast with a serving of vegetables alongside some rice or sweet potato. I also like to make some lean homemade burgers and wrap these in salad and a wholemeal pitta. I’d accompany this meal with another juice, usually containing magnesium-rich vegetables such as spinach to promote sleep.

weight loss

I never felt hungry during the juice diet and still drank normal tea and coffee when i felt like it.

In all, i was surprised at the weight loss.

My body didn’t look too flat and i don’t think i lost much muscle as i still went to the gym and kept my protein intake high.

I definitely recommend adding protein if you’re an active person doing a cleanse or juice fast. This will help to ensure that muscle mass is preserved when your calories go lower for a longer period of time.

As I’m relatively new to juice fasts and juice dieting perhaps my great results were due to this being my first time. I do consume juices regularly throughout the year however so my body is used to getting nutrition this way.

I would definitely recommend a juice fast to anyone looking to boost their weight loss but still remain healthy.

Obviously, seek your doctor’s advice before embarking on any major dietary changes and get your health assessed first.

Happy Juicing 🙂


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